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Always focusing on tailoring the approach for each patient.

Recreational / Preventive Genomics

We know that somehow you got hooked with the concept of genomic medicine and its derivations such as personalized medicine.

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"And perhaps right now you don’t suffer from any illness or barely suspect of one but have never engaged it in a conversation nor have you looked for an appointment with a medical specialist"

And just for you, Theranomics, widening the perspective and closing the gap of access to personalized medicine and NGS, has for you a series of genomic tests that allows you to be empowered by getting to know more from yourself by unveiling the potential within your genome.


Everyone at a given time, particularly when sitting at the family table and listening to our grandparents tell part of their life stories, have wondered where we come from, which linages are intertwined in our DNA and what gets us closer and yet differentiate from our siblings, cousins and friends.

Certainty about an infinity of aspects from our cultural and biological heritage

If this doubt has ever come to you, know that you’re not alone. Knowing about our origins can provide us with certainty about an infinity of aspects from our cultural and biological heritage that we recognize with in our families and social groups and all the way to discovering surprises we wouldn’t have ever imagined such as linages from parts of the world that never would have cross our minds.

Recreational Preventive Genomics

Theranomics Offers You Our Ancestry Test

You that identify as a world traveler and explorer, descendent of Earth, whom is in search to finally connect with your roots, Theranomics offers you our ancestry test where we’ll sequence part of your DNA in search of specific biomarkers shared along humanity and geographies, in order to provide you with a report of which parts of the world has your ancestors passed and lived and how much distance and which stories does your DNA tell.


You’ve checked our website from head to toe, read thousands of articles, get yourself checked every year, eat healthy, exercise and sleep enough. And yet you still wonder what else can you do to take care of your health.

Theranomics has designed a comprehensive and preventive service.

From time to time, you ask yourself if you could have inherited any of the disease that runs in your family and that very little is spoken about or the members affected by it as if they were trying to hide it. To hide the elephant in the room of your family pedigree.

Just for people like you, who actively take care of their health and want to go and be a step forward, that have heard about genomics without knowing how to apply it, Theranomics has designed a comprehensive and preventive service.

Recreational Preventive Genomics

Recreational / Preventive Genomics Process:

Counseled by expert team

You’ll be counseled by part of our expert and multidisciplinary team that will assess exhaustively your clinical and familiar file and take a blood sample (or buccal swab).

Analyzed DNA

This sample will be analyzed so your DNA is extracted and sequenced so we can search for possible genome variants that could confer risk or diagnose any detrimental health condition.


With your results we’ll make associations with your physical exploration and clinical file so you can come back for a follow up consultation so we can go over them with you and solve any doubts you might have.


With all the things you’ve checked about genomic, precision, translational, personalized, data-driven medicine we know it can get confusing and sometimes still question how will these impact your health or your children’s? or how can you apply any of these in the proactive care of your health?

TheraShield is our most complete service for preventive and personalized medicine.

We tag along all the way from family planning, pregnancy, birth and proactive follow ups with your offspring’s health, integrating our omic solutions in each stage. TheraShiled is our pioneer subscription service, wher we leverage the integration of clinical genomics as the center piece of healthcare.

We’ll analyze your or your children’s genomic information, after sequencing their DNA in order to partner up with the multiple medical specialties for which we might find variants of interest.

Recreational Preventive Genomics
Recreational Preventive Genomics

On monthly bases the membership holder will have a joint consultation with a medical specialist and one of our geneticists.

During these consultations we’ll inform the specialist (neurologist, cardiologist, pediatrician, etc.) of your case, our findings from your sequencing, the molecular implications with the purpose of designing a therapeutic strategy that allows everyone to take actions in a proactive manner, instead of waiting the development, presentation and or worsening of the diseases for which your genetics makes you susceptible to.

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