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Founded in 2022 after 7 years of experience in genomic medicine and being pioneers in democratizing genomics diagnostics in LATAM, Theranomics is a precision oncology and personalized medicine firm with the clear mission of offering unique solutions to each cancer diagnosis for each one of our patients.

Precision Oncology

Core Values


We reduce the late diagnostics and increase the survival rates of our patients.


We generate synergies that broaden and improve the treatment options of our patients.


We build economic models that set bases for the generation of public policies that massify equative access to the revolution we head in precision medicine.


We develop continual education spaces that allows our stakeholders to better understand, learn, access and join our revolution.

Our social commitment:

We understand that scientific and medical innovations don’t have democratic access in their beginnings and that part of the population that might need them can’t afford them without shattering their economies. That’s why Theranomics, faithful to our values, mission and purpose donates a percentage of our revenue in donations in kind (molecular studies) to advocacy groups, hoping we continue to contribute saving more lifes each day.

We continue to contribute saving more lifes each day.
Studies donated in 2022
patients benefitted in 2022
Reached Diagnosis in 2022

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Are you interested in one of our services? Do you have any doubts or feedback you'd like to share? Send us a message and we'll be shortly writting you back. Together against cancer!

    Afiliate Program!

    Join our theranostic revolution and help us reach and save many more cancer patients' lifes. We designed this affiliate program to generate synergies that allows us to go further in our mission.