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Always focusing on tailoring the approach for each patient.

Precision Oncology

Incorporation of molecular studies into medical and surgical oncologist daily practices.

Precision Oncology
Precision Oncology

We Know That a Cancer Diagnosis

will never be easy and for sure you have a million questions such as:

How come I have it?

Which specialists do I have to visit?

Do I need any kind of surgery and/or special care?

How long will I be in treatment?

Could it be hereditary and if so, have I passed it on to my children?

And so many more.

We know that you have so many dreams you’re not willing to leave unfulfilled

being your kids college graduation, their weddings or the arrival of a new family generation. Or maybe is that overseas trip you’ve been dreaming of since you were little. Or it could be the continuation or end of your studies, to keep being a source of inspiration and leadership for those around you.

And it’s because of the million dreams you have waiting for you.

Our purpose and reason for being is to help you and your oncologist to overcome this difficult time period and find the answers to most of these questions that keep you up at night.with the right doses at the right time for each of our patient’s diseases

Precision Oncology
Precision Oncology

What is Molecular Oncology?

Precision Oncology can be understood as the incorporation of molecular studies into medical and surgical oncologist daily practices, with the goal of delivering:

Integrated diagnosis (what type of cancer do they have),

Prognosis (what are the survival chances)

Prediction (Which responses to treatment will there be according to the molecular profile of the tumor)

Always with the objective of maximizing the survival rates and maintain life quality.

Integrated Diagnostics in Oncology Include:

Pathological Classification

What type of cells can be observed under the microscope (size, shape and appearance)


In which stage does the tumor currently is (is it confined to a single organ or has it spread to lymph nodes and/or any other organs).

Molecular Alterations

Which molecular findings were identified in the tumor that might allow a subclassification for such type of cancer and that confer biological advantages

The combination of all things before described sets the basis of Molecular Oncology

Which in turn acts as a bridge between molecular biology and oncological clinical practice, in order to tailor and deepen into the theranostic approach for each cancer patient.

Our Solutions

Specialists Certified in Such Discipline.

At Theranomics we have on our team one of the few specialists in Latinamerica certified in such discipline, whose theranostic approach will always veil for each our patients’ health, survivial and quality of life.

Molecular tumor profiling

Liquid biopsy

Hereditary cancer

Ultra-early/preventive cancer detection

Precision Oncology
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7 years of experience and pioneers within the industry

We have helped over 1290 families to find a diagnosis and treatment, thanks to our theranostic approach.

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