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Always focusing on tailoring the approach for each patient.

Genomic Medicine

Emergent discipline in medical practice which centers in the leverage of the genomic information from each individual to get a diagnosis and effective treatment.

Genomic Medicine
Genomic Medicine

In the world there are approximately 350 million people (4.6% of the world population) with a genetic disease (also known as rare diseases).

In Mexico this translates to almost 5.8 million people as of today.

50% of these diseases develop during pediatric ages and the medical pilgrimage between specialties

(also known as diagnostic odyssey) has an average duration of 8 years. Sadly 30% of these patients (1.8 million Mexican children) won’t survive beyond their 5th birthday.

The families have lost at least one of their children

This means that today, over a million families have lost at least one of their children, without getting to know and name the disease that affected them, due to lack of information, training and infrastructure.

Genomic medicine, also known as Clinical Genomics

Is an emergent discipline in medical practice which centers in the leverage of the genomic information from each individual to get a diagnosis and effective treatment and will become key in the next step of medicine, from a corrective and reactionary into a personalized, data driven and proactive practice.

Theranomics aspire that those millions of families and patients recover part of the lost time and finally get answers, and ideally treatments, which allows them to have certainty, peace and hope, all through our integrative molecular diagnostics services.

Genomic Medicine

Within the multiple medical specialties where genomics has managed breakthroughs in complex disease diagnostics, stand out:










Have you ever wondered how come there are certain people for which some drugs seem to have no effect on them? Or how about those occasions where someone recommends you a drug treatment and you end up feeling worse?

Now We Have Tools To Avoid Those Ailments

Thanks to pharmacogenomics and the vast knowledge reached in pharmacogenetics, as with YOUR genetic and biological profile we can differentiate those active substances with which you’ll have a positive or adverse reaction and even discriminate those that have a longer or shorter period of efficacy.

Genomic Medicine

Pharmacogenetics focus on the study of specific genes variations that modify how our bodies process certain substances such as the active ones found in drugs.

Meanwhile pharmacogenomics centers in the study of the enormous networks between genes, receptors, transporters and enzymes that participate in drug metabolism.

How can IBenefit From This?

The age and concept of “one doses fits all” is approaching its end, thanks to PGx developments that has enabled us to maximize the efficacy of drugs and minimize their toxicity, based on each patient’s genetics.

These individual variations have allowed us to stratify better the risks and benefits for patients

such as choosing the right anticoagulants used during surgery, beta blockers for hypertension management or determining the right doses for psychiatric drugs for those with depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia and dementia, improving their effectiveness and reduce their organ accumulation toxicity.

Genomic Medicine

Furthermore, PGx gives you calm and security by separating you from the statistics of 1.34% of the people who dies due to a fatal adverse drug reaction

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